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How to Make Magic Sheet Buttons Show When Active


I want my buttons on my magic sheet to show when they are activated or not, how do I make that happen?


At this time, there is no way to make the button itself show when it is active or not. However, you can use another button to mimic this by making the second button's target a channel the first button talks to. To do so, see the steps below.

Steps to Solution

- Create button A with target as command
- Make button A's fill color and/or outline color nothing (x) so it will become see-through
- Copy and paste button A elsewhere as button B
- Make button B's target a channel that button A talks to
- Make button B's fill color and/or outline color link to channel color and/or channel intensity
- Move button B to cover button A, then use the ordering option to send button A to the bottom
- Reselect the buttons together, then use the ordering option to group them

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