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I can't find my fixture in my Eos Family Console. What should I do?

There are a few options:

  1. Check for software updates. Software updates generally include an expanded fixture library.
  2. Check for a library update on the website. In between software updates, ETC will occasionally generate an updated fixture library based on requests. These are now posted on the downloads section of the website, along with a "Fixture Library Changes" .pdf that describe the fixtures added, deleted, or changed. The fixture library installer can be installed exactly like a software update.
  3. Generic fixtures -- If your fixture is an LED fixture, or one that is a fairly common configuration, take a look at the Generic manufacturer in patch.  Often, many LED fixtures have a generic RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or RGBI (Red, Green, Blue, Intensity) channel layout, and the generic library has these options built-in. Many of these come in two modes - 8 bit and 16 bit.  If your fixture's parameters only take up 1 DMX channel each, choose the 8 bit option.  
  4. Build a custom fixture, per the Eos, Ion, or Element user manual. The fixture creation utility is in the Patch section of the manual. Be sure to check the website for the most up to date version of the manual.
  5. Request a fixture profile be created by ETC for a future software release.

The Eos family of consoles have an extensive built-in library of fixtures that are intended to provide quick and easy control of moving lights. Occasionally, users may run into a fixture that doesn't have a profile within the existing library. It is often helpful to check for console software updates at this time, as many new fixtures are added into the library during the software release cycle.   The Eos family provides the ability to create your own custom fixture type and store it with your show file. You can name the fixture, assign all necessary parameters, define the range of those parameters, and set lamp controls. If your time frame is flexible, ETC may be able to create a fixture profile and include that in a future release of software.  Please contact ETC Technical Services in that event.

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