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Importing and Exporting CSV Files for Eos


What is the purpose of the CSV import/export feature in Eos?

Description/Explanation of Issue

CSV import and export is a tool for documenting and editing an Eos showfile. It allows you to export the Eos showfile to a spreadsheet form, edit the spreadsheet, and then re-import the spreadsheet with the updates.

It is not recommended to try importing a CSV file that was exported from a different program, as the spreadsheet format may not be in the correct order and will fail to import properly.

Note that importing a CSV file into Eos will replace the active show data with the CSV data.  For example, if the active show file has channels 1, 2 and 3 patched to addresses 1-3, and the CSV file has channel 3 patched to address 1, importing that CSV will cause channel 1 to have no address; channel 2 keeps address 2; and channel 3 has address 1.

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