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Ion, Element, Ion RPU, and Net3 RVI Monitor Arrangement Before v.1.9.5


Note: This article applies to consoles running version 1.9.2 or lower. If your console's software is version 1.9.5 or higher, please see the following wiki article for an updated process: Software higher than v.1.9.

If you have two monitors plugged into your Ion (either two DVIs on the splitter or one DVI and one VGA), you may need to go through these steps to use both monitors.

  1. If in the Ion application, go to browser and exit Ion. This will put you into the Ion Shell. 
  2. In the shell select Settings 
  3. Go to General and then to External Monitor Arrangement 
  4. In External Monitor Arrangement, you will see the second monitor under available monitors with a red x through it. Click on the Second monitor so now it has a yellow box around it. 
  5. You can now click on the left hand position under monitor arrangement and the second monitor will drop down. It will still have a red x through it. The second monitor must be in the left hand position and the first monitor must be in the right. 
  6. Now you can hit apply and then accept. The second monitor should then turn on, but the display will still be black. Launch the Ion application and now you should have a display on both monitors.
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