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Lamp Controls Via Serial

As of version 1.9.6 software, it is not possible via a command line interface to call Lamp Controls directly.  For those installations that need flexibility in which fixtures they use lamp controls, the following workaround may be of use:

Record a Macro that is:

[Select_Last] {Lamp_Control} {Lamp_On} (or whichever command is applicable) [Enter] [Enter]

It may be best to do this via Learn and edit it to match.

To activate it, send two serial commands:

First, select the channel(s) or group of channels (example below):

$Chan 11 [Enter]

Second, fire the macro

Macro 1

This workaround allows you to create one macro for each type of lamp command you need, rather than a macro for each fixture and each of its operations.

Using Utilities -> Diagnostics, you can verify that the command was received and processed correctly.

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