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LEDs Flickering or Unresponsive to Eos Family Console


LED fixtures flicker or do not respond when trying to communicate from Eos Family Console

Description/Explanation of Issue

Two of the most common culprits would be RDM or DMX speed.

Eos Family Consoles can have RDM over DMX and/or network enabled. If a fixture is not RDM-capable or does not fully meet RDM requirements, it can have issues digesting the RDM packets.

Eos Family Consoles have 4 speeds at which they can send DMX: max, fast, medium, slow. By default, all DMX ports are set to max. If a fixture is having issues getting packets that quickly, it may need the console to send at a slower rate.


  1. If the console is outputting via network, disable RDM.
    1. Exit -> Settings -> Network -> Interface Protocols
    2. If you have other RDM-capable devices between the console and the fixtures, make sure to disable RDM for them as well.
  2. If the console is outputting via DMX, disable RDM for the port(s).
    1. Where to Find DMX Port Output Configuration Based on Eos Family Software Version
  3. If the console is outputting via DMX, adjust the DMX speed to different rates, making sure to power cycle the console after each speed change.

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