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Magic Sheet Lag - SVG Cleanup


Magic Sheets with large quantities of custom SVG Icons are causing Eos to slow down or hang.  Loading, Panning, and Zooming the Magic Sheet can cause the console to become unresponsive for a period of time.


This is likely caused by extra data being stored in the SVG file.  To resolve this you can edit the SVG in a text editor and then replace the image files in your showfile.  The area of concern is the "defs" section of the file.  The "defs" are data points that will not be rendered, but still must be processed by the graphics engine.  Having large quantities of "defs" will cause Eos to spend time processing data that doesn't benefit your show.


  1. Open your preferred text editor (Screenshots from Notepad++)
  2. Open the SVG file within the text editor program
  3. Select the entire <defs> </defs> range and delete it from the file.
    1. clipboard_e53bec774d03eb61397c09b4e88680c1e.png
    2. This may contain numerous lines of data, this example shows a very limited number for simplicity.
  4. Save the SVG as a new name
  5. Replace existing SVG files in your Eos Showfile with the new SVG file.
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