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Maximum Number of Gadgets Supported by Eos Family Software

Eos Family Software v2.3.1 and above can support up to 4 DMX output devices connected directly to a console or computer.  DMX output devices include a local internal I/O card, ETC Gadget I, or a Programming Wing.

Gadget II and Programming Wings with 4 ports are also supported in subsequent Eos Family versions. 

This is a limitation on the number of devices, not necessarily the number of DMX ports. A Gadget I (with one port) is counted the same as an internal I/O card (like a 4 port as used on a Gio@5). 


A console (Ti, Gio, Ion, Element, Ion RPU, Eos RPU3) would support a maximum of three Gadget devices (1 internal I/O card plus 3 gadgets for a max of 4 DMX devices).

A PC or Mac running ETCnomad would support a maximum of four Gadgets. If a programming wing is connected (which has its own internal I/O card), a maximum of 3 Gadgets would be supported.

A single Gadget will work with Eos Family software v2.2.x on PCs and Macs.

Please note that the original Eos console does not support any external I/O devices such as Gadget or Eos Programming Wing.

Windows XPe devices (Eos, some Ions, some Elements, some RVIs, some RPUs) do not support Gadget II or Eos Programming Wing.

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