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Merging from Backup or Client Opens Instead of Merging in Eos v3.0.0


In Eos v3.0.0.389, when you attempt to merge while on the backup or client, the show file opens instead of merging the selected content. 

Explanation of Issue

This is a bug in v3.0.0 Eos Software..  This only occurs when the show file you are attempting to merge from lives on the hard drive of the Primary, and not the Backup or Client console.  It is resolved in Eos v3.0.3 and higher.


This issue will not occur if you merge from a show stored locally on the hard drive of the console on which you are performing the merge.  This means the workarounds are as follows:

  1. Save the show file you wish to merge from locally on that device and perform the merge there.
  2. Perform the merge on the Primary console.
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