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Output Protocol Setting Changes in Eos v3.2

Eos 3.2 shifts around features commonly found in the shell into the Eos showfile as well as add features into those same areas. Here is a comprehensive list of those movements and additions for Output Protocol settings. 

3.2 sACN Settings

3.2 Setting Name 3.2 Location 3.1 Location 3.1 Setting Name
3.2 Patch>Protocols>sACN
Enabled Protocol Patch>Protocols>sACN>Enabled Protocol Shell>Network>Output Protocols>sACN Check Box
Default Protocol Patch>Protocols>sACN>Default Protocol Shell>Network>Output Protocols>sACN Default Check Box
Output Priority Patch>Protocols>sACN>Output Priority Shell>Network>Output Protocols>sACN Priority
Per Address Priority Patch>Protocols>sACN>Per Address Priority New to 3.2
Start Universe Patch>Protocols>sACN>Start Universe Shell>Network>Output Protocols>sACN sACN Start
Backup Takes Higher Priority Patch>Protocols>sACN>Backup Takes Higher Priority Shell>Network>Output Protocols Backup takes over at higher priority
Per-Universe Overides Patch>Protocols>sACN>Per-Universe Overrides New to 3.2


3.2 ArtNet Settings

3.2 Setting Name 3.2 Location 3.1 Location 3.1 Setting Name
3.2 Patch>Protocols>ArtNet
Enabled Protocol Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Enabled Protocol Shell>Network>Output Protocols>ArtNet Check Box
Default Protocol Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Default Protocol Shell>Network>Output Protocols>ArtNet Default Check Box
Start Universe Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Start Universe Shell>Network>Output Protocols>ArtNet Art-Net Start
Broadcast Mode Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Broadcast Mode Shell>Network>Output Protocols>ArtNet Directed Broadcast
ArtPoll Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Backup Takes Higher Priority New to 3.2
Per-Universe Overides Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Per-Universe Overrides New to 3.2


3.2 Local DMX Settings

3.2 Setting Name 3.2 Location 3.1 Location 3.1 Setting Name
3.2 Patch>Protocols>Local DMX
Enabled Protocol Patch>Protocols>Local DMX>Enabled Protocol Setup>System Settings>Output DMX Outputs
Default Protocol Patch>Protocols>Local DMX>Default Protocol Setup>System Settings>Output Default Output Protocol


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