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Output Protocol is Enabled But Still Not Outputting


Enabling an output protocol does not automatically enable it for your patched fixtures. The easiest way to see if it is activated for your channels, look under the Interfaces columns in your patch tab. Activated protocols will have an asterisk or plus symbol if activated:

Patch Interface Columns.JPG

If you enable an output protocol such as DMX, sACN, or EDMX on an Eos family console, you still need to do one of the following to activate it:

  • To activate on an individual level, choose the channel(s), select 'Interface', and assign the desired protocol(s).
    • Note: any protocols that have not been enabled will not be choices.
  • To activate for the entire patch, assign the protocol as default.
    • To configure network protocols, navigate to shell -> settings -> network -> output protocols

Network Output Protocol Config Eos.JPG

    • To configure DMX protocol on an Eos console running v2.6.4 or earlier, navigate to shell -> settings ->local i/o -> local DMX outputs
    • To configure DMX protocol on an Eos console running v2.7.0 or newer, navigate to browser -> setup -> system settings -> output

DMX Output Protocol Config Eos V2.7.JPG

    • Note: you can have more than one protocol set as default at one time, default just means that you do not have to perform the above option for the console to output that protocol.
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