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Planar LCD Monitors (PL1700/1700M/1711M/1910M/1911M) with Eos Family Consoles

There has been an on-going issue with using the above listed Planar brand of monitors with ION/EOS/Element. In a nutshell, the Planar monitors will spontaneously go into a mode they call "safe mode" (dark screen and amber power LED). Once the monitor is in safe mode the monitor will not successfully synchronize with the console's video card even after a power cycle of the monitor and/or a reboot of the console. This problem is with the Planar monitor and not the EOS/ION/Element consoles.

The attachment is a FAQ directly from Planar's website laying out the steps necessary to recover the monitor from "safe mode".  We have found the following modified version of method #1 to work the best with the three Planar test monitors ETC acquired.

[Modified] Method #1

  1. Connect the DVI cable(s) from the monitor(s) to the console
  2. Connect the power cable(s) to the monitor(s) but leave it disconnected from the wall outlet
  3. Hold down the "+" and "<" buttons on the front of the monitor
  4. Plug the monitor power cord into the wall outlet
  5. Wait until the power LED on the front of the monitor turns green and immediately release the "+" and "<" buttons
  6. If video isn't present on the monitors at this point follow these additional instructions
    1. Exit out of the console application
    2. Go to the external monitor setup
    3. Swap the monitor arrangement
    4. Click apply and save the settings
    5. Perform a quick check to make sure the monitors have a proper video signal by running the identity utility
  7. Launch the EOS/ION/Element console application

SEE ATTACHMENT: Planar PL line LCD Monitor Problem and Solutions

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