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  • Streaming ACN output
  • Video output
  • Put pixelToy in media server mode and control up to 4 layers from your lighting console
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Touch screen friendly
  • Anyone can write plugins
  • Low lighting budget?  All you need is a PC and a projector.
  • It's FREE!


pixelToy takes an experimental approach to controlling pixel mapped lights in a creative new way.  The concept, born during ETC's Innovation Quest contest, was to develop a fun tool for creating dynamic content effects in a way that is both innovative and familiar.  The user interface was designed from the ground up to be operated entirely via touch and multi-touch input devices.  In an effort to keep the interface as simple and intuitive as possible, we set a goal to keep the entire application free of text.  pixelToy can be used as a lighting instrument for live effects and can also playback pre-recorded sequences of effects.  All effects are dynamically loaded as plug-ins when the application starts.  Software developers are encouraged to write their own effects and share them with the community.


We want your feedback from this experiment!  Is pixelToy something you think you would find useful?  Please visit the pixelToy forum to share your thoughts...



Note: this is only available as a Beta version at this time


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