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Proportionally Alter a Single Fixture Parameter in Eos


A fixture in the rig has one or more parameters that do not match other fixtures. For example--an LED fixture uses too much red while mixing colors.

Description/Explanation of Issue

A single parameter can't have a curve or proportion applied to it in Eos. However, we can alter the DMX range used for that parameter at the fixture profile level to achieve a similar effect.


  1. In the fixture editor, create a copy of the fixture profile you need to change
  2. Select the parameter that needs to be adjusted. In our example, you would likely select the Red parameter.
  3. Click the {Ranges} softkey (software 2.6.4 and below) or click on the parameter range (software 2.7.0 and above) to edit the parameter range.
  4. Adjust the DMX range as necessary, but do not change the User Range for the parameter
  5. Repeat 2-4 as necessary for the parameters you need to adjust
  6. Change the type of the problematic fixture to the newly-created copy

Any by-type palettes including the changed fixture will no longer include that fixture once you change its type. However, you should be able to copy the data from the originally referenced channel into the changed fixture's channel.

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