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Recalling a Snapshot unlocks Magic Sheets


In v2.9.x or below, I stored a Snapshot where Magic Sheets were locked.  When I play those Snapshots back in v3.x, the Magic Sheets are unlocked.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Prior to v3.0.0, Snapshots did not store whether a Magic Sheet was locked or not, so playing the same Snapshot twice could cause a Magic Sheet to become unlocked.  Starting in v3.0.0, Snapshots explicitly store whether a Magic Sheet is locked or not, but old Snapshots are not automatically converted.


  1. Identify Snapshots where Magic Sheets are becoming unlocked, but should stay locked.
  2. For each Snapshot - 
    1. Play the Snapshot
    2. Lock Magic Sheet(s) as necessary
    3. Re-[Record] or [Update] the Snapshot

Remember to save your showfile after updating all Snapshots as necessary.

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