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Setup and Shell Setting Changes in Eos v3.2

Eos 3.2 shifts around features commonly found in the shell into the Eos showfile as well as add features into those same areas. Here is a comprehensive list of those movements and additions. 

3.2 System Settings

3.2 Setting Name 3.2 Location 3.1 Location 3.1 Setting Name
3.2 Setup>System Settings>System
Preheat Preset Setup>System Settings>System>Preheat Preset New to 3.2
Metric/Imperial Setup>System Settings>System>Metric/Imperial Setup>System Settings>Augment3d>Metric/Imperial Metric/Imperial
Zones Setup>System Settings>System>Zones New to 3.2
3.2 Setup>System Settings>Session
Backup Auto Take Control Setup>System Settings>Session>Backup Auto Take Control Shell>Network Backup Automatically Takes Control
FDX2000 Setup>System Settings>Session>FDX2000 Shell>Network FDX2000
FDX 2000 Broadcast Mode Setup>System Settings>Session>FDX 2000 Broadcast Mode Shell>Network FDX2000
FDX 2000 Subnet Setup>System Settings>Session>FDX 2000 Subnet New to 3.2
3.2 Setup>System Settings>Show Control
OSC TCP Mode Setup>System Settings>ShowControl>OSC>OSC TPC Mode Shell>Network>Output Protocols TCP OSC
Analog Inputs Setup>System Settings>ShowControl>Contacts> Analog Inputs Setup>System Settings>ShowControl>Contacts> Analog Inputs Analog Inputs
Relay Outputs Setup>System Settings>ShowControl>Contacts Relay Outputs Setup>System Settings>ShowControl>Contacts Relay Outputs Relay Outputs
3.2 Setup>System Settings>Mobile Apps
Allow App Connections Setup>System Settings>Mobile Apps>Allow App Connections Setup>System>Remotes>Allow Remotes Allow Remotes
Visible to Mobile Apps Setup>System Settings>Mobile Apps>Visible to Mobile Apps Setup>Device Settings>Config>Visible to Remotes Visible to Remotes

3.2 User Settings

3.2 Setting Name 3.2 Location 3.1 Location 3.1 Setting Name
3.2 Setup>User Settings>Record Defaults
Record Effects in Presets Setup>User Settings>Record Defaults>Record Effects in Presets New to 3.2
Intensity Cue Only Setup>User Settings>Record Defaults>Intensity Cue Only New to 3.2
3.2 Setup>User Settings>Manual Timing
Manual Timing Setup>User Settings>Manual Timing>Manual Timing Setup>User Settings>Manual Control>Manual Timing Manual Timing
Default Times Setup>User Settings>Manual Control>Default Times Setup>User Settings>Manual Timing>Default Times Default Times
3.2 Setup>User Settings>Manual Control
Encoders Setup>User Settings>Manual Control>Encoders Setup>Device Settings>Face Panel>Encoders Encoders
3.2 Setup>User Settings>Displays
Augment3d Display Behavior Setup>User Settings>Displays>Augment3d Display Behavior New to 3.2

3.2 Device Settings

3.2 Setting Name 3.2 Location 3.1 Location 3.1 Setting Name
3.2 Setup>Device Setting>Network
Network Setup>Device Setting>Network Shell>Network Network
3.2 Setup>Device Setting>Local Output
Local Output Setup>Device Settings>Local Output Setup>System Settings>Output Output
3.2 Setup>Device Setting>Show Control
USB MIDI/SMPTE Setup>Device Settings>Show Control>USB MIDI/SMPTE Setup>System Settings>Show Control>USB MIDI/SMPTE USB MIDI/SMPTE
Contact Closures Setup>Device Settings>Show Control>Contacts>Contact Closures Setup>System Settings>Show Control>Contacts>Contact Closures Contact Closures
Relay Out Setup>Device Settings>Show Control>Contacts>Relay Out Setup>System Settings>Show Control>Contacts>Relay Out Relay Out
USB Serial Setup>Device Settings>Show Control>USB Serial Setup>System Settings>Show Control>USB Serial USB Serial
OSC USB Setup>Device Settings>Show Control>OSC>OSC USB Setup>System Settings>Show Control>OSC OSC USB
3.2 Setup>Device Setting>Augment3d
Augment3d Setup>Device Settings>Augment3d Setup>System Settings>Augment3d Augment3d
3.2 Setup>Device Setting>Device Profile
Device Profile Setup>Device Settings>Device Profile New to 3.2

3.2 sACN Settings

3.2 Setting Name 3.2 Location 3.1 Location 3.1 Setting Name
3.2 Patch>Protocols>sACN
Enabled Protocol Patch>Protocols>sACN>Enabled Protocol Shell>Network>Output Protocols>sACN Check Box
Default Protocol Patch>Protocols>sACN>Default Protocol Shell>Network>Output Protocols>sACN Default Check Box
Output Priority Patch>Protocols>sACN>Output Priority Shell>Network>Output Protocols>sACN Priority
Per Address Priority Patch>Protocols>sACN>Per Address Priority New to 3.2
Start Universe Patch>Protocols>sACN>Start Universe Shell>Network>Output Protocols>sACN sACN Start
Backup Takes Higher Priority Patch>Protocols>sACN>Backup Takes Higher Priority Shell>Network>Output Protocols Backup takes over at higher priority
Per-Universe Overides Patch>Protocols>sACN>Per-Universe Overrides New to 3.2

3.2 ArtNet Settings

3.2 Setting Name 3.2 Location 3.1 Location 3.1 Setting Name
3.2 Patch>Protocols>ArtNet
Enabled Protocol Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Enabled Protocol Shell>Network>Output Protocols>ArtNet Check Box
Default Protocol Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Default Protocol Shell>Network>Output Protocols>ArtNet Default Check Box
Start Universe Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Start Universe Shell>Network>Output Protocols>ArtNet Art-Net Start
Broadcast Mode Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Broadcast Mode Shell>Network>Output Protocols>ArtNet Directed Broadcast
ArtPoll Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Backup Takes Higher Priority New to 3.2
Per-Universe Overides Patch>Protocols>ArtNet>Per-Universe Overrides New to 3.2

3.2 Local DMX Settings

3.2 Setting Name 3.2 Location 3.1 Location 3.1 Setting Name
3.2 Patch>Protocols>Local DMX
Enabled Protocol Patch>Protocols>Local DMX>Enabled Protocol Setup>System Settings>Output DMX Outputs
Default Protocol Patch>Protocols>Local DMX>Default Protocol Setup>System Settings>Output Default Output Protocol


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