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Show and Hide Parameters in Live Table Tab


It is possible to hide the list of parameters that is shown in the Live Table tab.  This is useful in de-cluttering the screen by hiding the parameters that you do not use or do not need to know the exact value of.  Hiding the parameters in this way DOES NOT hide them in the ML Controls tab, nor does it work as a filter.  This simply hides it from view in the Live Table tab.  Please see instructions below on how to do this.


  1. Press [Live] to make the Live tab active.  If it is not already in Table view, press [Format] to change to Table view.
  2. On the Eos Ti, Gio, and Gio@5 consoles, press and hold [Params] key beside the internal touch screen.
    1. Also for these consoles, as well as for other consoles that do not have a [Params] key, you can also press and hold [Data].
  3. Check in the CIA to the left of the Browser at the list of parameters patched into your show file.
  4. The parameters will be all be highlighted gold.  While holding [Params] or [Data], click or touch on the parameters that you wish to hide.  They will be unselected and immediately be removed from the Live tab.  
  5. If there are parameters that are hidden and you wish to show them, follow the same steps as above, only click or touch on the non-highlighted parameters to un-hide them.

Please be aware that this will only effect the active Live Tab.  If you have multiple live tabs open on your console, you can show/hide different parameters on each one. 

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