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Why Does an Asterisk Appear Next to Output Value in Patch and DMX Value in About?


I'm having trouble controlling some channels in my show. The about screen shows an asterisk next to the Output value in patch and next to the DMX value in the about screen.



Explanation of Issue

You've exceeded the output count of your system—there are more addresses patched than what the output count of your system supports. If you are seeing this asterisk, then that indicates that 255 is the value that should be output, but is not actually being output because that address is above your system count.


  1. Determine the system count for your system.
    1. Clear your command line and tap [About] to open the about screen. There will be a line in white text that says "system count"
    2. If you're in a multi-console system, system count is determined by the console with the LOWER number of outputs between the primary and backup. 
  2. Unpatch any unused addresses to get the number of patched addresses below your system
  3. Purchase an output upgrade for your console from your local ETC Authorized Dealer

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