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Upgrading Eos Family Output Counts

How to upgrade the output count of an Eos Family Console:

If your Eos Family console requires more outputs to control your system, it is possible to upgrade those consoles within certain ranges.  Please contact your ETC Dealer to purchase upgrade codes for your console.

Different consoles support different output count capabilities.

The process for upgrading the Channel Count on an Element is slightly different. Please reference the article below for instructions on upgrading your Element:


Before following the upgrade instructions below, please find more information by consulting the datasheet for your console here:

Contact your ETC dealer to purchase an upgrade code.

Upgrade Process Instructions:

NOTE: Users running ETCnomad on macOS will not be able to upgrade their dongle. The dongle must be plugged into a Windows PC to be upgraded.

step 1) Connect a USB keyboard to the console.  This is required to enter the upgrade code. 
step 2) Go to the system shell.

  1. If you are currently running the Eos software, double-tap the [Displays] key to open up the browser, then double click on Exit.
  2. If you are currently rebooting the console, you can reach the shell by clicking on the "Launching in …" countdown box.

step 3) Select {Settings} from the main shell menu.
step 4) Select {Maintenance}  This is on the RIGHT hand side of the screen.
step 5) Select {Upgrade Console} on the LEFT hand side of the screen. If you are running ETCnomad on PC, click on {Upgrade Dongle...} instead.

NOTE: This window will display the Console ID that is needed for ETC to generate the upgrade code.

step 6) Enter your upgrade code into the field provided and select {Upgrade}.
step 7) An alert window will appear to acknowledge the successful upgrade and new output capacity. Select {OK} in this window to close.
step 8) Close the "Upgrade Utility" window by pressing {Close}.
step 9) Select {Accept} at the bottom of the "Maintenance" window to exit back to the shell.

The upgrade process is now complete.

What can my eos console be upgraded to?

There are several references below to "UCB" regarding Gio, Eos Ti, Cobal, and some RPUs.  "Original" or "pre-UCB" console upgrades are limited.  See here for more information.

Console Operating System Base Unlocked
Eos Classic Windows XPe 4K 8K
Eos RPU Windows XPe 4K 8K
ION Windows XPe 1K 3K
ION RPU Windows XPe 2K 3K
GIO (Original) Windows 7e 4K 12K
RPU3 (Original) Windows 7e 4K 12K
TI (Original) Windows 7e 4K 16K
TI (UCB) Windows 7e 4K 24K
GIO (UCB) Windows 7e 4K 24K
RPU3 (Aaeon) Windows 7e 4K 24K
GIO @5 Windows 7e 4K 24K
ION (Aaeon) Windows 7e 1K 6K
ION RPU (Aaeon) Windows 7e 2K 6K
ION Xe Windows 7e 2K 12K
ION Xe RPU Windows 7e 2K 12K
Puck (Original) Windows 7e 1K (1) 2K
Puck (Gigabyte) Windows 7e 1K (1) 6K
ETCNomad   1K (1) 6K

(1) from Eos software version 2.9.0 - see the ETCnomad output count article for details

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