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Why does my macro work when fired manually but not when executed from a cue?


I have created a macro which operates successfully when fired manually, but not when it's executed from a cue or other show control. How do I get it to run in both cases?

Explanation of Issue & Solution

When a macro is created it uses the default mode of operation. In default mode the macro runs in the foreground when fired manually, and runs in the background when executed from a cue or show control. Macros that are run in the foreground run on the user that fired it and appear on that user's command line. Macros that are run in the background run on the device that fired it but will not affect its command line.

Macros that depend on the command line may not function properly when set to default mode and fired from a cue or show control. To get this to work follow the instructions below:

  1. Double-tap the [Macro] button, or open tab 18, to go to the Macro Editor.
  2. Select the macro you need to edit by typing [Macro] [n] [Enter].

  3. Tap softkey {Macro Mode} until the command line says [Macro] [n] {Foreground Mode} and tap [Enter].

  4. Tap [Live] and test firing the macro through the desired method.