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Why Does My Magic Sheet Disappear When I Hit Live?


I have my Magic Sheet tab selected when I hit Live and the display snaps to the Live Table instead. How can I stop this from happening? 


You must edit the Display Behavior of your Magic Sheet (found in the Settings menu of the Magic Sheet) to be Channel Display. 


There are three different display behaviors possible: 

  • Normal Display - The display will behave the same as a Display Tab.
    • A locked tab will not be skipped.
    • A single click on the tab will draw focus to that tab
  • Channel Display - This mode uses the following rules:
    • When focus is drawn to the playback status display, a magic sheet channel display will be brought to the front.
    • Using [Shift]& [Live] cycles through the magic sheet channel displays as well as the Live channel displays.
    • Pressing [Live] or bringing a Live tab into focus will restore your last focused magic sheet channel display.
    • Magic sheet channel displays in the locked frame will not be skipped when using the [Tab] key to cycle through tabs.
  • Control - The display will behave the same as a Controls Tab.
    • Locked tabs will be skipped.
    • A single click will not draw focus.
    • A double click will draw focus to the tab.