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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Expression 2 or 3 clock resetting when powered off

This article is relevant to Expression 2, Expression 3, Insight 2, and Insight 3 consoles. 


Console system time is resetting every time the console is powered off.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The Real-Time Clock (RTC) module on the CPU board has a dead battery. The battery is encased in epoxy within the RTC module and is not user-serviceable.

This battery is independent from the SRAM battery. Replacing the SRAM battery (if the console is equipped with one) will not affect the system clock or RTC module.



ETC no longer has a supply of RTC modules, and the modules are no longer being produced by the manufacturer.

The system clock is not necessary for general operation of the console. The system clock is only used for time and date when saving to a disk. While an understandable annoyance to some users, manually setting the system time each time the console is powered on is a very temporary solution.

If you still wish to have the system clock remain correct when power cycled, please contact your dealer and/or ETC to set up a solution.