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Changes in Express Power Supplies

Express consoles began shipping with a new power supply on 10/8/2002. 

The obvious difference between this power supply and the original power supply is the connector from power supply to console.  The two supplies are physically different enough, that they are incompatible.

  • The older power supply (was ETC part number PS127) has a small 8 pin 3/8" diameter barrel connector.
  • The replacement power supply (was ETC part number PS168) has a larger 5-pin 1/2" diameter barrel power connector.

Both power supplies have since been replaced with newer versions that add a ground pin to the wall plug.

  • For a console manufactured prior to 10/8/2002 that used the PS127 (8-pin, 3/8" diameter), the current ETC replacement part is a PS319.
  • For a console manufactured after 10/8/2002 that used the PS168 (5-pin, 1/2" diameter), the current ETC replacement part is a PS320. 

You can order a new power supply from the ETC online web store or from any ETC dealer. When ordering a replacement power supply, make sure to check the connector on the console or the old power supply so you can get the correct one.


PS127 (obs)/PS319
(consoles pre- 10/2002)
PS168 (obs)/PS320
(consoles post- 10/2002)

Replacement mains cables in Europe:

W6370-UK Fitted with UK 13A plug

W6370-EU Fitted with European Schuko plug


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