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"Effect Step Full" When Creating an Effect Step in Express


When attempting to add channels to an Effect cue or submaster step, the console displays an "Effect Step Full" error and does not add the channel.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The number of channels you can add to an effect step in an Expression family console is limited by the Number of Effect Step Channels field in Setup -> System Settings. By default, this is set to the number of channels available to the console. However, to reduce memory usage, this number can be arbitrarily limited. The number of effect step channels cannot be set higher than the total number of channels.


  1. Press the [Setup] key
  2. Select option 1 - System Settings and press [Enter].
  3. Select option 12 - Number of Effect Step Channels and press [Enter]
  4. Input the number of desired channels per step, up to the value defined in option 2 - Number of Channels, and press [Enter]. You will now be able to add that many channels to each step in your effect.


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