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Express DMX Ports Are Outputting To The Wrong Addresses


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Express DMX ports are outputting data, but to the wrong addresses. I don't have normal control over my lights.


Each port on the Express can be assigned a mode and DMX start address. The mode options are normal or dimmer double. The DMX start address designates where you start for you 512 address range. 1 means it talks to addresses 1-512, or universe 1, and 2 means it talks to addresses 513-1024, or universe 2.

By default, both ports are in Normal mode, port 1's start address is 1, and port 2's start address is 513. You may need to change one of these to output to the DMX addresses you have patched in your console.

Steps to Solution

  1. Press the [Setup] key on your face panel.
  2. Press [2] and [Enter] in setup to navigate to 'Output Configuration'.
  3. Take note of what both ports are assigned to.
  4. If you want to change the settings, follow the red text instructions on the screen to adjust accordingly.


The following video shows how to change both ports to start at address 1:


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