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Captured channels in Patch on Express consoles

The console lets you select and capture channels without returning to Stage mode. This allows you to bring channels up on stage to view the proportional settings of dimmers assigned to a channel while you set them.

To select channels from the patch screen, follow these steps:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Patch]. Selects Patch display
2. Press [Channel]. Prompt reads:
Select channel numbers
3. Use the keypad to enter the desired channel number(s) Use [And] and [Thru] if you want to select more than one channel. Prompt reads:
Select channel numbers

4. Press [Full] to set channel level at 100 percent, [Level] to set channel at the default level, or press [At] and enter a level setting.

Selected channels are set at the indicated level
5. Press [Rel] to release channel(s).
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