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Changing submaster types on Express consoles

You can change a submaster’s type by using the [Type] key. When you change a submaster type, levels recorded in the submaster are retained. This means that you can change a submaster from pile-on to inhibitive and back without losing any level or timing information. If you change the type to effect, channel and level information is erased.

To change a submaster’s type, follow these steps:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Blind]. Selects Blind display
2. Press [Sub] [#]. Prompt reads:
Select submaster number
3. Press [Type]. Prompt reads:
Select submaster type
(1 = Pile-on, 2 = Inhibitive, 3 = Effect)
4. Press [1], [2] or [3] to select type. New type is entered in submaster status bar

Type changes do not take effect while the submaster is active. An active submaster’s bump button LED blinks after you change its type. To deactivate it, move its slider to zero or to 10.67

67 See Submaster LEDs for more information about the LED.

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