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Clear and Reset Options in Express

Following is a list of all 14 options on the Clear Functions menu and an explanation of the function of each.
  1. Show - Erases all information pertaining to the show except patch information and the system configuration.
  2. Cues - Erases all recorded cues from the show.
  3. Groups - Erases all recorded groups from the show.
  4. Submasters - Erases all recorded submasters from the show.
  5. Show and Patch - Erases all information pertaining to the show. Unaffected are system settings, options settings and the I/O configu- ration.See Reset System, next page, for clearing everything to defaults.
  6. Focus Points - Erases all recorded focus points from the show.
  7. Macros - Erases all macro information from the show.
  8. Reset Patch 1-to-1 - Resets to a one-to-one patch. Thus, channel 1 is patched to dimmer 1, channel 2 is patched to dimmer 2, and so on. This function is independent of your show and does not clear label, level or profile settings. See Patching channels, for more information about patch.
  9. Reset Profiles - Returns all dimmer profiles to their preset curves. Profiles 1-9 return to their preset curves identified under Dimmer profiles. Profiles 10-32 all return to a linear curve.
  10. Channel Attributes - Erases all channel attribute information, includ- ing link lists, from the show.
  11. Real Time Programs - Erases all Real Time Programs from the show.
  12. Time Code Events - Erases all Time Code information from the show.
  13. Moving Lights - Unpatches all fixtures and restores the defaults for personalities, encoders and attributes.
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