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Clear and Reset Procedure in Express

Follow the procedure below for all clears and resets. This example shows the prompts for the Clear Show option from the Clear Functions menu.

Use this procedure for all clear and reset options, varying as directed by the onscreen prompts.

Keystrokes: Actions:
1. Press [Setup]. Displays Setup menu
2. Press [4], Clear Functions, [Enter]. Displays Clear Functions menu
Prompt reads: Select function number, then press ENTER
3. Press [1], Clear Show, [Enter].a Prompt reads:
To clear show data, press ENTER
To cancel, press CLEAR
4. Press [Enter]. Show cleared. Returns to Stage display mode

a  Press softkey [S1], Reset System, here to erase all show information from the console, reset to a 1-to-1 patch and reset the system, options and configuration to factory defaults.

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