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Clearing Macros in Express

You must be in Macro display mode to clear individual macros.

To clear all macros, you can use the Clear Macros option from the Clear Functions menu.

To clear identified macros, follow these steps:

Keystrokes: Actions:
1. Press [Setup]. Selects Setup display
2. Press [8], Macro Editing, and press [Enter]. Selects Macro display mode
3. Press [S6], Delete Macro. Prompt reads: To delete macro(s), select macro number(s) and press ENTER
To cancel, press CLEAR
4. Press [7].a Corner reads:
Macro 7
5. Press [Enter]. Prompt reads:
To confirm, press ENTER
To cancel, press CLEAR
6. Press [Enter]. Clears macro 7

In step 4, you may use [And] and [Thru] to enter multiple macros to clear.

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