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Configuration Settings in Express

Read show results

Certain configuration information is included with show contents information when you do a Read Show From Disk operation. These items are identified below by the display in which each may be edited.

  • Setup display
    • Show name
  • System Settings display
    • Number of channels
    • Number of dimmers
    • Default fade time
    • Default level
    • Default fader clear time
    • Default Sneak Time
  • Output Configuration display
    • DMX512 mode
    • Starting Dimmer
    • DMX512 speed
  • Options Settings display
    • Time code input
    • Time code frames per second
    • Display Cue / Time Code list
    • Powerup macro
  • Time Code Events display
    • Clock enable / disable

Read system configuration results

Certain configuration information is retrieved when you perform a Read System Configuration From Disk operation. These configuration items are identified by the display in which each may be edited.

  • System Settings display
    • Blackout key
    • Flexichannel
    • Master type
    • Record lockout
    • Bump keys
  • Options Settings display
    • ETC MIDI channel
    • ETC MIDI show control device IDs
    • ETCLink (enable)
    • ETCLink address
    • Real Time Programs (enable)
    • External port
    • Twisted pair polarity Baud rate
  • ETCLink Functions display
    • Display advisories
    • Clock Functions display
    • 12 / 24 hour clock
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Time zone
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