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Dimmer check on Express consoles

The console’s dimmer check allows you to raise unparked dimmers to a specified level on stage, one at a time. Select the starting dimmer, set it at a level and then use [+] to check consecutive dimmers. You may do a dimmer check in any display except Patch and Park.

Perform a dimmer check with the following procedure.

Keystrokes: Actions:
1. Press [Dim]. Prompt reads: Enter dimmer number(s), then press AT to select level
2. Press [1] to start dimmer check with dimmer Keypad corner reads: Dim 1
3. Press [At] Prompt reads: Select dimmer level
(Press FULL button for 100%)
4. Press [7][5] to set the dimmer’s level at 75 percent. You may also press [Full] or [Level] to set the dimmer at 100 percent or at the [Level] setting. Prompt reads: To unpatch dimmer for dimmer check, press ENTER
5. Press [Enter] Dimmer 1 is set at 75 percent Dimmer Check window appears Prompt reads:
Press [+] or [–] to step through dimmers. Press [Clear] to cancel dimmer check.
6. Press [+] to select dimmer 2. Repeat as necessary. Press [Clear] to end dimmer check.a Dimmer 1 returns to zero, dimmer 2 is set at 75 percent

If the dimmer is doubled, the dimmer check is performed on dimmer A of the doubled dimmer first. Pressing [+] moves to dimmer B of the doubled dimmer
20. If a dimmer is parked, the Dimmer Check window displays a “Parked” message and shows the level at which it is parked. The Dimmer Check does not change a parked dimmer’s level on stage.

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