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Dimmer doubling setup in Express consoles

Dimmer doubling

ETC’s Dimmer Doubling technology can increase the controllable circuits of a 115 volt, 60 Hz dimming system. Dimmer Doubling converts the output of a single ETC Sensor or L86 dimmer into two separate signals. Both signals then provide discrete levels for two ETC Source Four lights.

You must configure the console by setting the mode of the dimmer and the dimmer’s port before the dimmer will function in Dimmer Doubling mode. Each dimmer and port is set individually. Before patching, set the port mode with the procedure given under Setting the port to Dimmer Doubling.

When a dimmer is doubled, it is functionally split into two dimmers that are distinguished by A and B. For example, dimmer 1 becomes dimmer 1A and dimmer 1B. For each doubled port, the A components of each dimmer are controlled by DMX512 outputs 1-256 and the B components of each dimmer are controlled by DMX512 outputs 257-512. The console represents doubled dimmers in the Patch display as dimmers in the range 1-256, parts A and B.

If a channel was patched to the dimmer before it was doubled, the channel is assigned to both the A and B parts, thus keeping the number of controlled circuits the same rather than doubled. To assign the doubled parts of a dimmer independently, see Creating a custom patch.

Set dimmers to doubled with the procedure below.

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Patch]. Selects Patch display
2. Press [Dim] [1][8] [Thru] [3][5].a Selects dimmers 18 through 35 Prompt reads:
Select dimmer numbers, then press ENTER to assign to a channel, or press AT to assign a proportion, or press PROFILE to assign a profile
3. Press [S1], Dimmer Double. Sets selected dimmers to doubled mode

a Often there is no need to press [Dim] in this step because the Patch display defaults on entry to dimmer input.
23 Dimmer Doubling is available only for ETC dimming systems operating nominally at 115 volts, 60 Hz. It is not available for systems operating at other voltages or frequencies.
24 The Source Four lights should be running 77V HPL lamps when operated by a doubled dimmer.

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