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Editing focus points in Blind on Express consoles

You may modify a focus point in Blind. For example, add or delete fixtures or set levels of fixture attributes.

Follow the procedure below to set fixture attribute levels in a focus point. The selected fixtures need not already be represented in the focus point.

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Blind]. Blind display mode
2. Press [Focus Point] [1]. Selects focus point 1’s channels
Prompt reads:
Group mode – To recall a focus point, select the number and set it to a level
To create or modify a focus point, select the number and press ENTER
3. Press [Enter]. Displays non-zero levels of all focus point channels
Prompt reads:
Select channel numbers
4. Press [S8], Fixture, [8] [Thru] [1][2] [Only] [Color] [At] [5][0]. Sets the color attribute(s) of fixtures 8 through 12 to 50
5. Press [Record] [Enter].a Re-records focus point 1 as modified

Specify a number here to record to a different focus point, such as [Record] [5][0] [Enter]. If that focus point exists, it is overwritten. If it does not exist, it is created.

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