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Express Console’s Back Panel

Console's back panel.png

External device fuse

If you have an external device such as console lights, an RFU or a remote macro controller connected to the console and it doesn’t operate, check the External 12V fuse. This fuse is located in a pop-out receptacle located next to the RFU port.

  1. Turn off the console.
  2. Remove the power cord.
  3. Remove the cover of the fuse receptacle with a flat blade screwdriver.
  4. Remove and examine the fuse. Telltale signs of a blown fuse include discoloration or deposits on the glass envelope and/or a visibly broken fuse strip.
  5. If you find a blown fuse, replace it with the fuse of the same size and type.
  6. With a good fuse installed, reinsert the fuse into the rear panel holder and secure with the screwdriver.
  7. Verify that the external device works properly. If still having problems, please contact ETC Technical Services.
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