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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Expression Off-Line

When you want to create or modify a program but are not near your console, consider working off-line with Expression Off-Line. This handy program runs on a pc computer and emulates the function of Express consoles running version 3.03 system software.


With Expression Off-Line, you can do everything in the computer you could do at your console keyboard except run a show. When the show you produce in Expression Off-Line is ready, merely store it on a diskette, transfer the diskette to your console, read it and run it. Or, if you want to modify a show stored in the console, you can do it in Expression Off-line as well and free the console for other purposes.

One advantage of using Expression Off-Line is that you can print lists from your show without attaching a printer to the console. Another special benefit for Express users is that you can label show elements, such as dimmers, cues and the show itself, and the labels appear with the show when you run it in the console. Type the keyboard equivalent “B” in Expression Off-Line whenever you are in a display that allows labeling, such as in cue and spreadsheet lists or the Real Time Programs display.

Expression Off-Line is available without charge from ETC. It can be ordered through your dealer or directly from ETC at 800-775-4382. You can also download Expression Off-Line from the ETC website at

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