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Installing Remote Focus Unit in Express

The Remote Focus Unit (RFU) allows you to set channel levels, check dimmers or run cues from remote locations.

To install the RFU, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that RFU power switch is turned Off. (Unit is off when switch is in the position toward the bottom edge of the RFU.)
  2. Insert the RFU cable into the connector on the back of the console or Remote Interface labeled, RFU.
  3. Turn RFU power switch to On.

RFU console connector

XLR 6-pin female

RFU pinout

  1. Data (+) (to RFU)
  2. Data (–)
  3. Data (+) (from RFU)
  4. Data (–)
  5. Common (AC ground)
  6.  +12 Vdc (fused, 2 amp)
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