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Level key default settings in Express consoles

The console allows you to assign a value to the [Level] key. The default value is 100 percent. You may assign [Level] any value between zero and 100.

Follow these steps to assign a value to [Level]:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Setup] Selects Setup display
2. Select [1], System Settings, and press [Enter]. Selects System Settings menu
3. Select [4], Default Level, and press [Enter]. Prompt reads: Enter default level
(Press FULL button for 100%)
4. Use the keypad to enter the two-digit number (00-99).a New default for [Level] is set

a To enter a level between one and nine percent, you must precede the number with a zero. You may also press [Level] or [Full] for the assignment.

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