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Link List Overview in Express

Console channels can control devices that have more than one controllable feature, such as a color scroller. By linking channels using the console’s Link List, you can link channels together for simultaneous control on the trackpad. Any channel not used in ML Fixture Patch may be linked.

Press [Setup] [1][1], Channel Attributes, [Enter] [S7], Link List, to reach the Link List display


When two or more channels are used together, such as the color and intensity channels for a color scroller, the Link List allows you to determine which axis of the trackpad will control each channel. When you select a channel, it is placed under the control of one axis of the trackpad and all channels linked to it are also selected and placed under control of the other trackpad axis.

Links may contain up to ten channels on each of the X and Y lists. Channels on the X list are controlled by the X-axis and are shown in gold in displays; channels on the Y list are controlled by the Y-axis and are shown in yellow in displays. Each channel may appear in only one link. All channels in a link from one list are selected if any channel is selected from the other list.

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