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Moving Light Functions menu on Express consoles

Moving Lights Function menu.png

  1. Personality Setup - The console comes with default personalities already included in its system software code. These may not be sufficient for your purposes, however, and you may need to add additional ones. Work directly with personalities here.
  2. Fixture Patch - Once you have the personalities in the console that you need, begin the task of patching fixtures with those personalities. In addition to patching, you can customize here by labeling and modifying the standard patching.34
  3. Attribute Setup - Go to this display to customize the assignment of fixture attributes to categories. Later during the creation of your show, this categorization will help you grab the moving light attributes you want by color, position or other traits to set levels, create cues, etc. The attributes used in your show are highlighted in the Attribute Setup display.
  4. Encoder Setup - This display allows you to customize the assignment of the trackpad to fixture attributes for greater level-setting convenience. The console helps you here too by highlighting those fixture attributes you are using so you can easily put them where you want them.

34 You can assign labels to dimmers in Expression Off-Line. See Expression Off-Line.

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