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Parking Recorded Channels in Express

Cues, submasters, groups and focus points may all be parked, either at the levels recorded for their channels or at a proportional level. For example, if all your worklights are recorded in a group, you could park that group at once, rather than park the worklight channels individually.


Following is an example of how to park a group’s channels. Use the same procedure to park the channels of a cue, submaster or focus point except press the [Cue], [Sub] or [Focus Point] key in place of the [Group] key in step 2 of this procedure.

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Stage]. Selects Live display
2. Press [S6], Park, [Group]. Prompt reads:
Group mode - Select group number, then press AT to park, or press Release to unpark
3. Enter the group number and press [At]. Selects the group to park
Prompt reads:
Group mode - Enter intensity
4. Enter the level at which to park the group’s channel. Parks the channels at the selected level
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