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Patching a Strand CD80 dimmer rack on an Express console

Strand CD80 dimmer racks have 48 dimmer slots. Each dimmer slot holds either two 2.4kW dimmers or one 6kW or 12kW dimmer. The console requires that you include all 96 possible dimmer numbers per rack in the patch.

Refer to the charts below to determine dimmer numbers for each slot on each rack. When patching 6kW or 12kW dimmers, enter the slot’s odd dimmer number under the desired channel number. Enter the slot’s even dimmer number under channel zero.

For example, to patch a 6kW dimmer into the last dimmer slot on the first rack, enter dimmer 95 in the desired channel number and dimmer 96 in channel zero.
1-96.png 97-192.png

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