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Recording a cue with a single fade time on Express consoles

Unless you tell it otherwise, the console assigns default fade times to any cue you record. If you prefer, you may record cues with custom fade times instead.

Fade times can be zero seconds to 99:59 minutes long. They may be expressed in minutes and seconds, or as fractions of seconds (in decimal format). Acceptable time values include: 0.2 (.2 seconds), 00:12 (12 seconds), 5.5 (5.5 seconds), or 5:30 (five minutes, 30 seconds).

Follow these steps to record a cue with a custom fade time:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Stage] or [Blind].  Selects display mode
2. Press [Cue]. Prompt reads:
Select cue number To select cue type, press TYPE
3. Press [3]. Selects cue 3
4. Press [Time]. Prompt reads:
Enter upfade time
5. Press [8]. Enters a fade time of 8 seconds. Corner reads: UpTime 8
6. Press [Enter] [Enter]. Enters matching downfade time
7. Press [Record].a Prompt reads:
To record cue, select number and press ENTER To cancel, press CLEAR
8. Press [Enter]. Records cue 3 with fade time of eight seconds

If the cue already exists, you may omit steps 7 and 8.

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