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Recording a cue with split fade times on an Express console

The console allows you to record cues with different upfade and downfade times. These cues are said to have split fade times. On the console’s display, the time to the left of the “/” refers to the upfade time; the number to the right refers to the downfade time.

Follow these steps to record a cue with split upfade and downfade times:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Stage] or [Blind]. Selects display mode
2. Press [Cue]. Prompt reads:
Select cue number To select cue type, press TYPE
3. Press [4]. Selects cue 4 Corner reads: Cue 4
4. Press [Time] Prompt reads: Enter upfade time
5. Press [1][0]. Enters an upfade time of ten seconds
Corner reads:
UpTime 10
6. Press [Enter]. Prompt reads: Enter downfade time
7. Press [1][5]. Enters a downfade time of 15 seconds
Corner reads:
DnTime 15
8. Press [Record].a Prompt reads:
To record cue, select number and press ENTER
To cancel, press CLEAR
9. Press [Enter]. Records cue 4 with upfade time of ten seconds and downfade time of 15 seconds

If the cue already exists, you may omit steps 8 and 9.

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