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Recording cues with wait times on Express consoles

Wait time is the time that elapses between when you press [Go] and when the actual fade begins. You can record cues with a wait time of up to 99:59 minutes.

Wait time may be entered in normal time format or in decimal format. When entered with a decimal point, the number must be less than one minute (0.1 to 59.9 seconds) to be accepted. When entered without a decimal point, a 2-digit number will be treated as seconds if less than 60 and as a calculated value of minutes and seconds if between 60 and 99. For example, if you enter 70, the time will display as 1:10. If you enter either a 3-digit or a 4-digit number, the last two digits, up to 59, are interpreted as seconds. For example, if you enter 9930, the time will display as 99:30.

The console allows you to program a wait time for either the upfade or the downfade; not both. You can see which type of wait you have in the Wait field of the Attribute Bar. If an upwait, a small up arrow () is shown next to the time. If a downwait, a down arrow ()is shown instead. If you do not enter a wait time, the console assigns the cue a wait time of zero.

Follow these steps to change the upfade and/or downfade wait time.

Keystrokes Action:
1. Press [Stage] or [Blind]. Selects display mode
2. Press [Cue]. Prompt reads:
Select cue number To select cue type, press TYPE
3. Press [5] Selects cue 5
4. Press [Wait] once
Press [Wait] twice.
Prompt reads:
Enter upfade wait time
Enter downfade wait time.
5. Press [6]. Enters a wait time of six seconds Corner reads:
UpWait 6
DnWait 6
6. Press [Enter]. Records cue 5 with wait time of six seconds
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