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Remote Focus Unit (RFU) for Express

The Remote Focus Unit (RFU) is a small, portable control panel you can use from a remote location, such as in the house, on your studio set or from backstage, with or without a remote monitor. You can control most console functions (not submasters) with an RFU. The console keypad and RFU are able to operate simultaneously. Changes made from both console and RFU are displayed immediately on both the console monitor and the RFU.

Remote Focus unit.png

1.png Keypad
The keys on the RFU’s keypad function exactly like their counterparts on the console.

2.png Fader window
The top line displays the next cue on the cue list. The bottom line displays the cue in the A/B fader on the left and the cue in the C/D fader on the right.

3.png Cue/channel number window
Displays the currently selected cue, group or submaster

4.png Keypad prompt window
Displays the same prompt that appears in the upper right corner of the Stage or Blind display.

5.png Power switch
Power is ON in the up position and OFF in the down position. To operate your installed RFU, move power switch to ON.

Caution-Icon-new.png WARNING: Do not connect or disconnect the RFU when it is turned on.

For RFU installation instructions see Installing Remote Focus Unit. For instruction on installing a remote monitor, see Installing remote video monitors.

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