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Running an Effect Cue in Express

Play back effects recorded as cues on the console’s A/B or C/D faders, just as you would any other cue. The effect will run, using the cue’s Up, Dwell and Down times to determine how long the cue lasts. To run the cue, press [Stage] [Cue], enter the effect cue number, and press [Go].

An effect cue with a Hold dwell time runs on the fader until you press that fader’s [Clear] key to begin the downfade. Press [Clear] once to fade out an effect cue in the recorded downfade time. Press the fader’s [Clear] key twice to cancel an effect from the fader immediately.

You may use the playback sliders to manually control the cue, allowing you to fade the effect up and down with the playback slider.

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