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Sample Macros for Express

To create these sample macros, go to Macro display mode ([Setup] [8] [Enter]), select a macro and enter the keystroke sequences as shown below.

More sample macros, created by Expression style console users, are available on ETC’s website at

Channel check

This macro brings each channel up to full for a channel check. Before you begin, you’ll probably want to bring up at least one channel for working light, then clear all other channels from stage. Press [Stage] and start macro. Press macro key again to check each subsequent channel.

[At] [0] [Enter] [+] [Full]
Macro line reads: At 0 Enter + Full

Auto channel check

This macro automatically runs through each channel with a two second wait between each channel, beginning with channel 1. You can effectively pause the check by cancelling the macro at any channel. If you replay the macro after the cancellation, the check begins at the next channel in sequence.

[At] [0] [Enter] [+] [Full] [Macro Wait] [2] [Enter] [M#]
Macro line reads:
At 0 Enter + Full Mwait2 M# (# = this macro’s macro number)

Turn off all lights except work lights

This macro captures all channels and sets them to zero. This overrides all faders and submasters. Then the macro sets work lights at full. You can easily return to previous settings by pressing [Rel] to release captured channels.

[Channel] [1] [Thru] [–] [At] [0] [Enter] [#] [Full]
Macro line reads: Chan 1 Thru - At 00 Enter Chan # Full (#=work lights channel)

Clear faders and turn work lights on

This macro clears both faders and selects work lights.

[Clear AB] [Clear CD] [Channel] [#] [Full]
Macro line reads: Clear-AB Clear-CD Chan # Full (#=work lights channel)

Clear unused channels in Flexichannel mode

This macro clears channels that are visible, but no longer in use. (Because this macro uses a softkey, you must create it using Learn.)

[Setup] [1] [Enter] [S1] [Stage]
Macro line reads: Setup 1 Enter PurgeFlexi Stage

Record show on disk

This macro records the current show on disk.

[Setup] [3] [Enter] [1] [Enter] [Enter]
Macro line reads: Setup 3 Enter 1 Enter Enter

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