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Setting channels / submasters 1-to-1 in Express consoles

Set Channels / Submasters 1-to-1 sets your console’s channels to a one- to-one match with your submasters. Thus, channel 1 is patched to submaster 1, channel 2 to submaster 2, and so on. Channel levels are set to Full and up/dwell/down times are set to 0/Manual/0.

To reset your channels and submasters, follow these steps:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Setup]. Displays Setup menu
2. Press [1], System Settings, [Enter]. Displays System Settings menu
3. Press [1][1], Set Channels/ Submasters 1-to-1, [Enter]. Prompt reads:
Select page to default, then press ENTER (0 = All pages)
4. Press [Enter]. Channels are assigned to submasters. The display returns to Setup menu
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