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Setting channel levels on Express consoles

Setting channel levels is the first step in recording cues, submasters and groups. Setting channel levels in Stage mode brings light levels up on stage. Setting channel levels in Blind mode does not affect stage lights.

You assign output levels to channels using the basic format [Channel] [#] [At] [#] where the first number is the channel and the second is the level. For example, [Channel] [4] [At] [7][5] sets channel 4 at 75 percent. If you enter a single digit for the level, the console multiplies it by ten and you must follow it with [Enter]. In other words, [Channel] [4] [At] [1] [Enter] sets channel 4 to 10 percent. To set channel 4 to 1 percent, enter [Channel] [4] [At] [0][1].29 29 To clear channels.


To set channel levels with the trackpad, select the channels whose levels you want to modify, then move your finger up or down on the trackpad to set the desired output level.

There are two ways to select channels for trackpad adjustment. You can specify them on the keyboard or you can select all those channels at once whose levels are above zero. As an example of the first of these, press [Channel] [1] [Thru] [5]. To select all non-zero channels, press [Enter].


Press [Full] to set selected channel levels to 100 percent. For example, press [Channel] [1] [Thru] [3] [Full] to set channels 1, 2 and 3 to 100 percent.

Level key

[Level] sets selected channel levels to the output level assigned to the [Level] key. The default value for [Level] is 100 percent. (See Setting default Level key, for instructions on changing the Level key’s setting.) For example, if Level is set at 75 percent, press [1] [Thru] [5] [Level] to set channels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to 75 percent.


Flash sets the selected channel’s level to 100 percent if the channel is currently at a level at or below 50 percent. If the channel’s level is above 50 percent, Flash sets it to zero. Levels set by Flash are only maintained while the key is pressed. For example, press [Channel] [5], then press and hold [S8], Flash, to set channel 5 to either 100 or zero.

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